Career Quest – February 2024

10th grade students from around the New River Valley, Roanoke Valley, and Alleghany will visit the arena to learn about jobs, work-based learning opportunities, and more!


It is no secret that businesses throughout the nation are in need of talent. K-12 schools in the New River Valley, Roanoke Valley, and Alleghany Highlands in Virginia produce over 4,000 graduates a year. Our goal is to keep them here.

Career Quest takes place over two (2) days, twice a year: once in the fall for 7th grade students and once in the winter/spring for 10th grade students. Schools are scheduled to arrive every 20 minutes and students move through four (4) zones where they interact with businesses and talk to them about job opportunities, learn about how they can potentially work while going to school, and what kind of careers are waiting for them after they walk across the stage. Students will have 20 minutes in each zone, and with over 75 businesses to see, there’s no time to waste

who will be there?

Click on the business name to learn more about the career cluster!